Mother Daughter Weekend

Mother Daughter Weekend is an opportunity for Moms and their daughters to spend a weekend away together enjoying all the wonderful activities offered at Camp Yowochas. It is for women and girls of all ages and is a chance for moms, daughters and grandmothers to connect with one another in a relaxed atmosphere.

What ages attend?

Participants range in age from 4-90 years old and we have even had four generations of women come from the same family!

Upcoming Mother Daughter Weekends

Mother Daughter Weekend is scheduled for October 13-15, 2017

What’s the cost?

Cost per participant is $110 for women 18 and older and $90 for girls 17 years old and younger. We also have a group rate for one adult and two participants under 18 for $250. Fees include accommodations, programming and food.

Participants can register online or by emailing, faxing or mailing a completed registration form to Yowochas.